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Paypal Shopping Cart

We use the Paypal shopping cart on some pages on this site for a couple of very good reasons that we hope you will appreciate. 

The first is that the price is right. Paypal gets paid a percentage of our sales when you use it. You get the convenience of credit card purchasing, and we get to accept the payment.

The second is that Paypal is a third party company specializing in online payments, and that means that your financial details are secure, they are not sent to us. We will never know your credit card number, nor will you need to send it over the internet every time you buy something from us or from any other Paypal enabled seller on the net.

The logo looks similar to this one (and you can send a payment to us now, through this button which will allow you to specify what you bought).

Please note: Paypal does not allow us to sell Kama or Tonfa through their system, including by these general payment buttons. To buy these please email us.

General button for US dollars
General button for Canadian dollars

Thanks, and if you have any other questions you can contact us at or Paypal themselves at

Interac Debit Payments

debit payments

If you are in Canada or can access the interac email payment system through your own bank, you can pay by Brenda's favourite method, Interac debit. To do this, just pick your merchandise on the website and then email Brenda who will do all the "website merchandizing stuff" which is basically figuring out what you owe, then she'll let you know and you can pay by email transfer. It's pretty simple, and since we don't have a fancy shopping cart (the one on the site is a paypal cart) I'm not going to try and put buttons on all the pages. Most folks buy a couple things at a time so the personal interaction method is just fine for now.

Bottom line, if you can use interac, Brenda would be more than happy to do a bit of work on her calculator for you.

Visa by Phone
For Phone Orders to sdksupplies
Visa by Phone 519-836-4357 or Toll Free 866-493-7114 in Canada and the USA

We can only take Visa by phone since that's the card our bank let's us take, other cards can go through paypal of course, but if you prefer the phone, we're happy to hear from you.

Good Old Fashioned Cheques
Mail us a cheque

If you would like to mail us a cheque we'd be happy to open our front door and get it (while we still have door to door mail delivery, otherwise we'll walk down the street to the community box, I suppose, as long as we're mobile) Please email Brenda  and make it out to "SDK Enterprises Inc." which is the double-secret actual company name. You can mail it to:

44 Inkerman St.
Guelph Ontario
Canada N1H 3C5

Cash is King

Why not? Small unmarked bills, large marked bills or jars of coins are still legal (except pennies) as far as I know, and we're happy to accept them.

First Born Children
Don't even think about it

Absolutely not, I'm way too old to change diapers any more, and let this be a notice to my kids who, in a few years may be thinking of asking gramps to do a bit of babysitting!

"It's not exactly full of beautiful models in undies but you might find something you want."

Questions? email

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